Casting Manufacturer

casting manufacturer

casting manufacturer

a company that does offshore castings and speaks to you effectively. You may access all validation and testing during the production process and get total clarity.

Home assurance that your items would be delivered on time and in line with specifications thanks to our local logistics hub in Singapore, which houses in-country inspection specialists.

A skilled group of foundrymen, metallurgists, and casting specialists monitor your casting project’s development physically.

Manufacturing partners in Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines that have passed PPC’s stringent selection standards, including ISO accreditation, have their operations reviewed and verified. Any necessary testing, such as tensile strength, metallurgy tests, and calibration, may be carried out by Precision Performance Castings since they have the knowledge and laboratory facilities to do so. However, if you have particular testing needs, we can also incorporate those as parts of the inspection procedures and data capturing. Several of these are commonly carried out as components of our stringent quality control methods.

We record every project using a proprietary program called Iron books. All testing data, batch and version identifiers, design information, and much more are stored in a safe online place via this online solution. Ironbooks record keeping is compatible with worldwide best practices thanks to the significant expertise of Precision Performance Castings, which also offers 24/7 client access to their project data via a secure web portal.

As a real production partner, Precision Performance Castings takes great delight in offering advice and making plans for varying or upcoming product orders. We are in a good position to make sure that product supply fully syncs with a customer’s demand planning thanks to our extensive network of foundry partners. We also consider contingency plans to take into consideration concerns like local holidays, maintenance services, equipment upgrades, and plant failure that may affect production schedules. The Ironbooks system manages product variants, upgrades, and discontinuations. Ironbooks will always be the key source of information for our production managers & testing personnel. Having access to this resource as a customer guarantees that all product information, including any after-casting services like machining, finishing, or assembly, is always accurate and up to

BD Machinery is a manufacturer of high performance Hobs for all types of automated welders. We also manufacture shafts and impellers for waterjet and plasma cutting applications as well as CNC machining parts, sand casting products, and machining parts.

Calibrated CNC machining parts provides a wide range of highly skilled machining parts. Bd.machinery offer a range of products from Sand Casting, CNC Machining and Grinding Machines to help you turn your ideas into reality.

We cater to industrial machinery, mining and material handling industries with highly accurate machined parts made of high strength steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys.

We are professional manufacturer of CNC Machining parts, sand casting products, machining parts etc.; We have over 30 years experience in CNC machining and injection molding. The main product is 4 arms toilet bowl brush holder and 5 pole toilet brush holder with arc welding machine.

Please contact us for further information on +86 186-0419-2837