Ductile Iron Castings

ductile iron castings

ductile iron castings

Castings made of ductile iron can perform better than steel in particular applications and are a more affordable alternative to carbon or low alloy steels. Compared to other forms of iron, ductile iron is less brittle. Several grades don’t require any extra heat treatments and may be utilized in their as-cast state. Ductile iron’s design flexibility may be increased even further when it has been heating treated.

3. Castings made of ductile iron perform better than gray iron and cast steel in several applications:

The enhanced mechanical characteristics of ductile iron make it significantly more resistant than gray iron to breaking under physical pressure, mechanical shock, or thermal shock.

In instances involving large loads or impact loads, its friction coefficient is superior to grey iron and on par with some of the strongest steel grades. It costs far less than cast steel but only slightly more than gray iron. It is an affordable option for many applications thanks to its strong yield strength and ductility.

4. It is simple to find castings made of ductile iron.

In contrast, to cast steel, the ductile iron capability is plentiful in North America. This guarantees that a wide range of providers may produce the end user’s product and that manufacturing lead times are realistic. The design engineer can choose from a variety of cast irons in the ductile iron family. Strength, resistance to abrasion, fatigue strength, toughness, and ductility are some of its mechanical attributes. are comparable with many casts, forged, & fabricated steel products, but they often produce components that are more attractive and less expensive.

Gray iron and ductile iron may both be produced with relative simplicity and cost-effectiveness. In the past 40 years, the amount of ductile iron has increased significantly, mostly due to conversions from castings made of gray and malleable iron, steel, forgings, and fabrications, as well as the usage of new components made of ductile iron.

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