Casting Foundry

Sand casting is a casting process in the sand casting mold used by the general sand and core type combination. As the molding material used in sand casting is inexpensive and easy to be manufactured, the mold is simple to manufacture and can be adapted to the single piece production, mass production and mass casting manufacturing, and has long been the basic process in casting foundry production. At present, the international, in all casting manufacturer, 60 ~ 70% of the casting is produced by sand, and about 70% of which is produced using clay sand.
Sand casting advantage: Sand casting compared with other casting method of low cost, simple production process, short production cycle. So as the car’s engine cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft and other castings are used wet clay sand production process. When the wet type can not meet the requirements to consider the use of clay sand table dry sand, dry sand or other sand. Clay wet sand casting casting weight from a few kilograms up to tens of kilograms, and dry clay production castings can weigh tens of tons. Because sand casting parts have the above advantages, therefore, its application in the foundry industry more and more widely. Looking for future, it will be in the casting industries plays an increasingly important role.
Our casting foundry has both manual casting line and automatic pouring line, we can provide service to High Mix low volume parts and also the high volume produciton.

Machining Service

bd machinery facilitiesBerdom can provide accurate machining service on raw casting parts, carbon steel, aluminum etc. By machining, the shape, size and surface quality of the blank are directly changed. The process of turning it into a part is called a mechanical process. we have more than 30 units different kinds of CNC machining equipments, Milling machine parts, Lathe parts and surface grinding. The regular tolerance can be held within +/-0.005mm.
We have a very porfessional and experienced engineering team to create the most reasonable program, design fixtures, set up inspection plan. Our team are keep learning new tooling and technology, the machines we are using are all high end precision machining center. At Berdom,we can provide the machining process include Turning, Milling, Honing, Grinding, Thread tapping etc.

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Painting Line

Quality Control

bd machinery quality controlQuality Control is the most important thing in Berdom. We are consistently do the right thing to control and improve the quality level. Our factory achieved ISO 9001 cerifiction, under ISO, we standarlized the quality control on every process to achieve a stable quality performance on our finished products. The quality control and inspction cover the whole process from raw material to the shipping.
The quality control and inspction include:
1. Raw material, we check all the chemical component and mechnanical property.
2. Casting simulation, We are using advanced software to simulate the casting process before finalize the casitng pouring design.
3. Dimension inspection, We have enough inspction tools and experienced inspction engineer to check the dimensions and keep record. The dimenion inspction is not only for finished parts but also implemented during each process. Inspection machine and tools inlcude: CMM, projector, height gauge, micrometer, go-nogo thread gauges, Pins and etc.

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