Gray Iron Casting

gray iron casting

gray iron casting

The thick gray structure of gray iron allows for great machinability. Specific criteria for hardness & wear can be satisfied by grades 25, 30, 35, and 40, as well as heat treatments, which can produce even better mechanical qualities. Gasoline and diesel engine blocks & cylinder liners, as well as structural machine components that need vibration dampening, are common uses for gray iron. The most adaptable foundry metal is gray iron. The high carbon concentration makes it simple to melt and cast metal in the foundry and also to machine it in subsequent production processes. Engineers have the most design freedom thanks to the great fluidity, minimal shrinkage, or absence of shrinkage. Tensile strength may be changed from under 20,000 psi to over 60,000 psi, and hardness can be changed from 100 to 300 BHN in the as-cast state by making the proper adjustments to the composition and casting process. Before defining a higher strength & hardness grade of iron, the hardness, which may be enhanced to H g by additional heat treatment, should be carefully examined. Data are presented which will enable the use of the Brinell hardness test to establish the minimum tensile of the iron in a casting, even though the connection between Brinell tensile strength and hardness for gray iron is not constant.

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