Machining Service

machining service

machining service

Utilize quick-turn components to iterate part designs more rapidly and hasten product development. Before your design is submitted to production, our automatic design analysis will help you find any hard-to-machine aspects, saving you from expensive reworks later in the product development process.

Online quotes and Manufacturing Analysis

We’ll review the geometry of your item when you upload a 3D CAD file to get a quote, looking for any characteristics that could be challenging to manufacture, such as tall, thin walls or holes that can’t be threaded.

Production and Support at Home

By working with a reputable American manufacturer, you may avoid the danger of shipping parts abroad. You may reach us at any time by phone or email, and we’ll be happy to assist with buying components, providing comments on the design, recommending materials, and responding to any inquiries.

Unending Capacity

Utilize on-demand relief and unlimited production capacity to reduce delays caused by waiting for components and protect internal machining.

Selection of Materials

For diverse parts applications and sectors, we have more than 30 designed plastic & metal materials in our inventory. Aluminum, stainless steel, platinum, & copper are among the materials available, in addition to polymers including ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, and PEEK.

BD Machinery is a manufacturer of high performance Hobs for all types of automated welders. We also manufacture shafts and impellers for waterjet and plasma cutting applications as well as CNC machining parts, sand casting products, and machining parts.

Calibrated CNC machining parts provides a wide range of highly skilled machining parts. Bd.machinery offer a range of products from Sand Casting, CNC Machining and Grinding Machines to help you turn your ideas into reality.

We cater to industrial machinery, mining and material handling industries with highly accurate machined parts made of high strength steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys.

We are professional manufacturer of CNC Machining parts, sand casting products, machining parts etc.; We have over 30 years experience in CNC machining and injection molding. The main product is 4 arms toilet bowl brush holder and 5 pole toilet brush holder with arc welding machine.

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