Milling Machine Parts

milling machine parts

milling machine parts

After the lathe machine, the milling machine is described as possibly being used the most in industrial industries.

However, single-point cutting tools are often employed with lathe machine tools, but multi-point cutting tools are utilized with this machine.

By bypassing the workpiece through a spinning multipoint cutter, metal is removed during the milling process.

All other sections of a machine are united on the base, which serves as its basis.

The foundation, which is built of cast iron, bears the whole weight of the structure, hence it must have a high compressive strength.

Column: The column is affixed to the base vertically.

It serves as a home for all of the other driving members and provides support for the knee, table, etc.

The column is a hollow element that houses the spindle and table’s driving gears and, occasionally, their motors.

Knee: The saddle & table are supported by this casting. The knee contains the whole gearing system.

Dovetail methods are used to secure it to the column.

The vertical positioning screw supports and adjusts the knee (elevating screw).

By raising or lowering the lever with the use of a hand or power input, the elevating screw is utilized to adjust the knee down and up.

Saddle: This is positioned between the knee and the table and serves as a transitional piece between the two.

Transversely to the column face, this can move.

These slides and overspecified guideways are located on the knee and are parallel to the column face.

The main job of the mechanism is to move the workpiece horizontally. This is composed of cast iron as well.

Table: This is a rectangular casting that’s also located above the knee on the top of the saddle.

This component of the machine holds the workpiece while it is being machined.

This has a T-slot cut above it and is constructed of cast iron.

The knee is moved up and down to produce vertical mobility.

The feed screw allows for horizontal motion.

Shifting the saddle produces a horizontal (transverse) motion.

Overhanging arm: The arbor support is attached to the overarm.

One or two cylindrical bars that fit through the column’s perforations may make up the component.

Cast iron is used to make it.

Spindle: The key component of the machine that retains the tool in the proper position is the spindle.

Arbors, cutters, and other machine attachments are driven by this spindle.

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