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Berdom Machinery’s capabilities including Investment Casting Parts, Sand Casting Parts& Aluminum Die Casting Parts.

Berdom not only supply iron castings with excellent properties, but also offer numerous design possibilities to create complex and intricate designs which are achieved by employing different iron castings production processes. Our iron castings are utilized in different industries which include the Pump, Valve, Automotive, agriculture, Aerospace, earthmoving, highway, HVAC, Defense, Communications, Gears, Solar, Engine, Compressor, Hydraulic, General Engineering, Machine Tools, Textile, Fittings, Machinery, Power Transmission, etc. We supply iron castings worldwide to many countries, with excellent quality, competitive price and fast delivery.

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Why Choose Us?

>>Quality— quality insurance

Details technical review process ensure our engineering understand the drawings and spec, we can provide the material testing report for every batch production parts. control plan, showing processing and inspection tooling; — quality control Workers will inspect in their own process,100% inspection for all dimensions before deliver goods.

>>Price— competitive price

Reasonable and competitive according to your drawings. Continues improvement and eliminate waste in each process. Very glad to work with supplier on the price reduction ideas and activities.

>> Delivery Time— short delivery time

We have professional R&D team, advanced equipment, skilled workers, which can bring high working efficiency. Project management system to show the project/order status every week.

>> Customer Service

E-mail your suggestions or complaints, and we will handle them ASAP. Perfect after-sale service.



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