Quick review of white cast iron

White Cast Irons

White Cast Iron

Follow Microstructure development in Iron to learn about the general microstructure formation in high-carbon ferrous materials and the impact of equilibrium cooling and quick cooling. The microstructure of White cast iron is significantly impacted by cooling or directed solidification. If rapid cooling is only permitted on the surface, chill cast iron with a grey structure (graphite flakes) develops in the middle. Consider cast-iron types to get a sense of how important solidification is.

By reading the article on cast iron types, you will gain an understanding of how easily different cast-iron types that may be utilized in a variety of applications can be created through the solidification process. White cast iron is the most prevalent name for ferrous materials that are resistant to abrasion and contain more carbon than 2 weight percent in the form of cementite. One of the primary features of white cast iron is the faceted white fracture caused by cementite. There are several types of cast iron utilized in the industry, each with unique properties and uses.

White Cast Irons
White Cast Iron

High chromium white cast iron is used in applications in which high abrasion resistance is needed, such as grinding mills, brick molds, shot blasting molds and equipment, & mining equipment. High abrasion resistance & low toughness are required in these applications to withstand impact loads. The best-cast iron for hardness and abrasion resistance is high chromium white cast iron. There is a trade-off between cast iron’s wear resistance and toughness, therefore the mechanical qualities may be altered by varying the chromium concentration and applying heat.

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