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Berdom is a well-developed manufacturer of sand casting. We provide a variety of post process including machining, sand blasting, plating and etc.

Materials include A356, AC4C, A380, AC7A, and other aluminum alloys. We are capable to produce large aluminum castings. For example, we can produce castings with a weight of 2,000 kg and a length of 5 m x 5 m.


The product range covers mechanical components, automobile and motorcycle parts, air and hydraulic parts, pneumatic tool parts, valves, pumps, motor housings, Various high-quality aluminum castings such as cylinder body, ship parts, furniture and building materials, construction hardware…etc.

Type Of Sand Casting

Mechanized Sand Molding

No Baking Molding


A356, AC4C, A380, AC7A… and other aluminum alloy raw materials

Product Features

High strength, corrosion resistance, light weight, high precision.

Advantage Of Sand Casting
  • Relatively low cost of Mold.
  • Suitable for medium and low volume lot size.
  • Easily gain small batch of output in short terms.
  • Diversified products and high production flexibility.
  • Flexible in mechanized or manual production.
Gravity Casting Or Sand Casting?

For aluminum alloy casting, sand casting and gravity casting are both very basic production methods, Pan Taiwan’s professional sales team will work out the proposal based on the consideration and comparison of mold cost, lot size, casting size, unit cost, quality criteria, production stability, etc.

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